It’s as frustrating to use as those on the Aspire One D The usual netbook features are present, though, such as an Ethernet port, VGA-Out, built-in Webcam, and headphone and microphone jacks. The Ah, however, is equipped with a standard 1,by resolution. It’s still fairly short, though, especially compared to the NB’s 3. Interestingly, Acer is working on a potentially much faster The Aspire One AOh ran for 6 hours and 24 minutes on our video playback battery drain test, using the included six-cell battery.

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We have a bigger concern the single touch button, which we found too stiff and narrow.

That means a system that can perform basic chores–Web surfing, e-mail, some productivity apps, light multimedia–with a minimum of fuss. While the typical netbook scores on 3DMark03 and 96 on the more intensive 3DMark06, the h managed just and 86, respectively. While the actual differences can be measured in seconds, we still felt aspire one ao751h tossing the thing out of a window a few times.

The Ah, however, is equipped with a standard 1,by resolution. Review In many ways, aspire one ao751h Acer Aspire One h, the company’s first Slim design; Long battery life; Comfortable keyboard; Bright, high-resolution display; Strong wireless range.

While all netbooks perform abysmally on our multitasking test, in which we transcode a 5-minute-andsecond MP4 file to the AVI format, the AOh fared particularly aspire one ao751h PCMag reviews products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

In its third incarnation, faster processors and a much better keyboard finally make the Starting aspir a body that reminds us the newest generation of slimmed-down Netbooks, such as the Asus Eee PC HA and the Acer Aspire One Dand stretching it to accommodate a larger display, Acer has managed to create a system that’s nearly as thin and attractive as the very expensive ultraportables of old if only old in laptop industry terms. Watching a clip in a quiet room with the netbook right in front of us, the sound was never too loud.

Touch typists will have no problem with this netbook, but we noticed that aspire one ao751h keyboard flexed as we pounded out responses to IMs. We delete comments that violate our policyaspire one ao751h we encourage you to read.

Acer Aspire One h – Review of the Acer Aspire One h

The keyboard aspire one ao751h nearly edge-to-edge, so there’s enough room for full-size Shift and backspace keys, as well as dedicated page-up and page-down keys. Huawei MateBook X Pro. Even though we wouldn’t recommend transcoding HD video on any netbook, we think the gap in these scores reflects the h’s lack of power. HP Mini US.

Acer Aspire One AO751h Review – 11.6″ HD Netbook

As with the intensive multitasking test, netbooks never breeze through our graphics benchmarks, and the the AOh was no exception. Wireless Power Is Coming.

We were immediately impressed by the screen’s brightness. Aspjre doesn’t make for a huge difference in raw performance, but in an already pokey Netbook, and powering aspire one ao751h higher-res 1,x display, it made the Aspire One AOh just slow enough to be noticeably annoying–so much aspire one ao751h that we got frustrated with obe on a regular basis.

Acer Aspire One (Ah) Review & Rating |

In many ways, the Acer Aspire One h, the company’s first At 3 pounds flat, the Ah is lighter than expected considering its dimensions, and is a tenth of a pound heavier than the NB 2. Largest netbook keyboard to date. Like the slightly more upscale Timeline series, it has a gray palm rest and keyboard deck with a black keyboard and thin bezel to match.

Intel Z Aspire one ao751h processor not aspire one ao751h fast as that of its peers.

Acer Aspire One (A0751h)

Continue to next page 01 Call me a notebook geek, but I can’t help but get excited anytime a netbook advertises a full-size keyboard and screen specifications other than 10 inches and 1,by resolution. Music, too, sounded predictably tinny, but no worse than it does aspire one ao751h other netbooks: That’s right in line with the netbook category average The AOh has most of these same aspire one ao751h, except ao751j the processor.

Like the Aspire Timeline T oone, the Aspire One h has raised keys, whose plastic has a slightly textured feel. One thing the h offers that most of its inch competitors don’t is a high-res screen. On our first Ten Aspire one ao751h Typing Testwe scored 71 words per minute; our highest score on our desktop computer is 88 words per minute.