View the archive Reviewed in July’s issue: If you are having troubles with the software you just need to order the disk from dazzle it is free and it will work good. Ovard from Other, March 03, I’ve tried to log on to Dazzle’s FTP site for the upgrade of Moviestar but for some reason it was screwing up. I don’t see why so many people are having problems with this. THarris, Oh, I forgot you have to read the manual sometimes.

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I never rendered the videos and Dazzle have full sound. So, unless you LIKE solving technical problems, banging your head against a wall, have infinite time to exchange email with Dazzle tech.

Dazzle DVD Creation Station 200 USB Video Capture/media Reader

Still, including the full Deluxe version in the bundle in the first place would have dazale the package far more appealing. Reviewed in July’s issue: I had the same result with MediaStudio Pro 6.

I tried dazzle dvd creation station 200 Dazzle Creation Station as I had been using the original Dazzle Video Creator and ended up returning the Creation Station after trying it for a couple of days. Klik op de juiste driver voor uw hardware en besturingssysteem en download het naar uw harde schijf.

Dazzle DVD Creation Station 200 USB – VideoHelp Capture Card

Dubbelklik vervolgens op het bestand om de installatie te dazzle dvd creation station 200. I don’t know what is different about your system but with mine and others that have commented on this card in the Capture Cards section of this site had the same experience.

I just bought one of these devices 2 days ago, and I haven’t had any problems capturing video. Adobe Premiere 6 trial Paint Shop Pro 7 trial.

Pinnacle – Dazzle* Hardware Installer for Studio 10

Description from the manufacturer site. No comments Comments posted by Rob from Other, August dazzlw, Check out the reviews of this card in the Capture Cards section if you aren’t convinced to dazzle dvd creation station 200 this device. By sky81 in forum Authoring DVD. Conclusion Although DVD Creation Station delivers excellent video quality at conservative bit-rates, the bundle as a whole seems rather weak.

Dazzle DVD Creation Station Specs – CNET

It is probably a good choice for old VHS tape transfers as it seems to lock into even poor quality recordings. Any Internal capture card: I never ran into the glitch you describe about clicking on render in MovieStar and nothing happening – in my case, MovieStar dvf render the file although the render time actually took longer than going from AVI to Dazzle dvd creation station 200.

No comments Comments posted by Seton from Other, September 09, The same people that say they don’t have any problems capturing video go on to mention all of the glitches that pop up here and there.

In this case Studio will dd during capture. THarris, Oh, I forgot you have to read the manual sometimes.

It would also be good to see the capture device work from within DVD Complete. I am using it sttion my 1. This Vista 64bit driver was not tested with Studio 11 and previous.

The card does capture well, but the rendered video is blocky and grainy, at least as a SVCD. How to dazzle dvd creation station 200 color correction using the Gradie Click on the selected driver, according to your hardware and operating system and download it to your hard disk. How odd is this?

It has these wierd horizontal lines and is really jumpy. No comments Comments posted by Daryl from Other, September 15, dazzle dvd creation station 200 No comments Comments posted by Jessie from Other, June 08, I went with Canopus equipment and it is like night and day in terms crextion results, stability, and ease of use. The raw video and audio does play on WinPlayer 6.