Also, the correct drivers were not included in the box all these new features require version 2 which started shipping in May. I found installation and setup surprisingly difficult. Wayne tells me that after I spoke with them about this, they have made all their manuals available on their website without requiring registration. One Response to Hardware Review: Find out more by visiting their website.

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I personally matrox mxo this mateox at trade matrox mxo, NAB and IBC for example, where I have three monitors running off of one graphic card, I use the digital one. When you received the unit, the 2.

Since Matrox just released v2. You then attach a second computer monitor which allows you to use the MXO for monitoring.

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However, the reason I asked them to become a sponsor was that I was really impressed with what the MXO could matrox mxo. When running in Mastering mode, that is, when you are looking at video output with interlacing and the correct color space, you can only see one image at a time — it mirrors the Canvas monitor.

I just read the Matrox MXO article on your site matrox mxo am wondering was the version you tested pre version 2. Find out more by visiting their website. Access over 1, on-demand video editing courses. Still, Wayne was insistent, and we were in the same room, so Matrox mxo headed over to take a look.

However, matrox mxo is not practical for editing in HD. Another problem is that the MXO provides so many different monitoring options, it is very, very difficult to pick the right one from the dozens available. Matrox mxo, it took me two days to find the User Manual.

Question is — have you had any response from Wayne or matrox mxo at Matrox regarding these issues — which if any are they planning to address in the foreseeable? These are all excellent things.

Matrox Video – Support – MXO Downloads

Any app that the user can define matrox mxo video output, is a supported matrox mxo in MXO mastering mode. If you matrox mxo have the two graphic cards and are thinking of using the Matrox MXO with Color, and three monitors, this should work just like it does with FCP. The manual was only available on-line and Matrox requires that you to register as a user before you can download the manual.

The Cinema Display is the smaller monitor that will allow you to see every pixel in your image. I have two questions about things you raised in your Matrox review that I think will also interest other matorx of your newsletter.

And, I had a number of client that had problems with the RT-Mac. My hope is that this responsiveness to users will continue. I enjoyed the simplicity of matrox mxo the space bar and watching matrox mxo HD footage on a second monitor.

Tested computers

Shake is not an application that supports the V-out component of QuickTime, matrox mxo it will work only in presentation mode. All our current shipping units now include the 2. SDI, component, S-video and composite.

September 18, at 1: Become a member of our Video Training Library today! We promote the Apple Cinema Display because of its popularity. Now I know you are going to say that the colors will be modified when converted, but after asking any number of people, including matrox mxo from Matrox, and then testing it myself, I have found that the colors are as true with HD as with SD matrox mxo.

I especially liked using it to verify interlace problems that my computer monitor did not show. Properly calibrating the monitor can also be tricky, however, the good news is that the MXO provides all the necessary matrox mxo to matrox mxo the monitor — it just takes a while. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.